31 July 2012

Picture Day

Today we hung out at the house and took some pictures.

There were lots of ipads around...always a kid on them...

proud cousin with little Eli

with all the big kids holding babies all the time, Henry felt he needed to give it a shot. 
"Brother I hold you."
Calvin, you're almost as big as your brother!

Grandma planned a playdoh contest for the kids. They had to come up with creations. Here are the results. For some reason I don't have one of Silas. He must have slipped away before I got there...

Everyone amazingly won 1st place in their age group, including Silas and Blake...they tied for 1st!

We had to get creative for quiet time. Ava had a spot on Grandpa's office floor. He started out reading...I guess it was comfy!

 We ate an early dinner, so we could slip outside for a quick family photo shoot. My mother told me about it and I politely reminded her that my husband wouldn't be there for that part of the trip. Oops. She hadn't thought of that. So we got a big family shot, sans Brent. I got a nice pic with my kiddos and the Grandparents got some good ones with all 10 of their grandchildren! A storm was a brewin', so we had to be quick. To say it was enjoyable would be a stretch, but we survived...and I think we got some good ones too!

Kate, get off your phone and look what you are doing to your babe! This pic cracks me up! I think he looks more strangled than he actually is...hopefully!

We had a quick baby shoot after the big family photos, so Joel was entertaining the big kids until we go rushed inside due to lighting. The bribe for good behavior was smores, which unfortunately had to be postponed due to the storm. The kids weren't too impressed...But Joel distracted them...and no one got hurt...!

good times.

30 July 2012

Babies and Pottery and Friends, Oh My!

Today was a full one. I had a few more friends that I wanted to see before I left PA and of course, we had to pack it into one day! Oh well, it was fun anyway. 

We started the day with babies, of course. Lots of baby-love around here, as you can see. 

Hey look, I'm holding two babies! Two!


This boy is so cute. 
Mr. Dashel. Yes, I do believe, he is 100% boy...if he's anything like his bro, Silas!


Hey Caleb! Aren't you supposed to be working?!

cousin love

My mom, Ava and I left for a lunch date and a birthday surprise for Ava. We met another highschool friend for lunch. No, I don't have a picture. Why would I do a silly thing like that?! It was good to catch up with Keri and meet her little Mason. It's crazy seeing friends from your childhood as an adult. We all (well, a lot of us) have little mini-me's running around! So fun.

After lunch, we headed to a pottery-painting place to, well, paint pottery. My mom wanted to do something fun for Ava for her birthday. You have to spoil the only girl, after all. It is a perk of being the only girl, for sure. Ava picked out a cat, of course, my mom picked out a wedge show(for Ava), and I painted a cute little pitcher.

let's get started.

Ava had so much fun doing this. We will for sure do it again. Makes me wish I had a kiln in my house.

we had to say goodbye for now. Off to the kiln. see you in a couple weeks!

The kids and I headed back to Lancaster for a dinner-date with friends from College. It was so good to see Guy and Emily and meet their little ones. Anna, their oldest and Ava became BFFs right away. We really need to get our families together again, you guys! It was a quick evening, but a good one. I really wish Brent could have been here for this one.

What a good day. My heart is full right now. I have been able to see so many good people these last few weeks...

29 July 2012

Full House!

Everyone made it...except for Brent, of course. He'll join us later this week. We couldn't be more excited to see him! The kiddos are missing their daddy, for sure. There are babies everywhere...and kids too. It's a blast!

so sweet

this sweet girlie loves her cousins!

Maddox is so sweet with his baby cousins. So careful and gentle.


We are going to try and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy one!

A Break For Momma

I left my kiddos with grandma and grandpa and headed to Philly to see my friend from highschool.  I haven't seen Brandi for a long time. It was fun to be able to hang out with her and her husband for the weekend and catch up. They had just moved into an amazing house that I have no pictures of. What in the world?! But it was beautiful and fun to see. 

We made a stop at Ikea on our way to the city. Luckily for us, Dave hadn't been there for awhile, so he wasn't in as much of a hurry to rush us out of there! We headed downtown  for lunch and Brandi and I walked around while Dave got a tattoo. Yup, we walked past a tattoo parlor, and Dave asked if we minded if he got a tattoo. He had been wanting it for years, but decided at that moment, it was time. Oh the life of the childless...

Sunday morning, Brandi and I headed to Lancaster to do a little flea marketing. It was so much fun. But again, I have not pictures. What is wrong with me?! At least I did get two, one of them being a picture of Brandi and I! I have fun, Brandi. Thanks so much for taking me in for the weekend and feeding me! Now back to my parents' and to a house full of 17 people...