23 April 2011


Frog Castles

Aunt Carissa, soon-to-be Uncle Tim, and Great-Grandpa Birky came to visit for Easter. Our weekend was filled to the max, to say the least. We helped Grandpa move the chickens to their new home. We piled into the golf cart for some sunny-day strolls. And the kids especially enjoyed making a castle for their toad they found. Maddox was a bit distraught when Mr. Toad decided to leave his new home while we were eating supper. 

This is the toad's "play-room"

Christian wasn't quite as excited about a picture to show off their matching jammies.

He is Risen!


The Hunt Is On

Christian and Kade were sleeping during the main egg hunt, so they had their own special egg hunt. 

Easter Pics (take one)

We went outside to take some pics. It was a little chilly and a little sunny. Not great results, but you can see how goofy the kids are!