25 February 2011

Little Love

as her daddy calls her.

Our little Ava. We love her so much. We couldn't imagine our lives without this sweet little girl sandwiched between her brothers. She is the glue.

She is beautiful.
She is so sweet.
She is so very girly...so much so, that she's made me more girly.
She loves pink.
She loves red.
But you must remember pink AND red!
She loves wearing her hair in braids.
She loves dresses and frilly skirts.
She can get down and wrestle with the best of them.
She is tough.
She is sensitive.
She is giggly...oh, so giggly.
When she smiles, her eyes twinkle.
She loves her brothers. They are her best friends.
She has a temper (sweet girl, we'll work on that).
She loves hugs and kisses.
She is particular.
She loves little girly figures (ie: polly pockets, my little pony, pet shops).
She loves school.
She seems to like girls that are mean to her. I hate that. She has sweet friends too.
She is creative.
She is gentle.

She is our baby doll. Our little love.

18 February 2011

Bday Celebration

We celebrated Brent's mom's birthday at the Hershberger's tonight. Christian was enjoying my camera. He kept wanting me to take pictures of him and then run to look at them. Silly boy.

16 February 2011

The Zoo with Kade

The weather has been amazing this week. Funny, since last week was pretty much exactly opposite of this week. Kansas...

Kade and I took a trip to the zoo to enjoy the warm temps.

I love this boy!
He is sweet.
He is silly.
He lives in his own little world.
He loves dirt.
He loves rocks.
He loves eating dirt and rocks.
He is adventurous.
He has the scars to prove it.
He is a momma's boy. (hard to complain about that one)
He is a lover AND a fighter.
He is secretly smart.
He loves memory match.
He is an instigator.
He loves anything with wheels.
He loves his green blanky and his thumb.
He loves to dance.
He loves to make faces.
He has a smile that will make you melt.
He is our Kadicus. Our sweet baby that is definitely not a baby anymore.

I hope these pictures make you love him more. They work wonders on my heart!

09 February 2011

Not too cold for sledding!

It has been sooo cold here lately.
Like, super cold.
Colder than normal cold.
Eleven below cold.
So cold your snot freezes.
Okay, you get the point. Well, apparently it wasn't too cold to head to grandma and grandpa Sweigart's to go sledding. Probably a good thing it got dark fast, because, like I said before...it was cold.


03 February 2011

Snow-day Crafting Expedition

The kids had snow days the last two days, so we got serious and got our craft on. We may or may not have gotten a little carried away with valentine's crafts and decorations! I've never decorated for valentine's before. It always seems to come and go, but I was in the mood this year to make it fun. And it definitely helps to be cooped up in your house for two days to get some of this stuff done! Enjoy our craft creations.

We made "stained glass" hearts. They were a little time consuming, but fun. Ava's favorite craft.

We worked on cute painted valentine's for the kids to take to school. I loved how these turned out. These were Maddox and Kade's favorites!

Made a fun ruffle heart.

We had a fun two days off from school. It was so nice to forget about everything and just spend time with the kids. We just crafted our little hearts out and had lots of good quality time together in the process. Oh, we made cookies too, but didn't have time to decorate them yet. We'll be doing that today after school!

And now today, laundry and bathrooms are calling my name. I'm thinking of changing my name...

Stay warm and enjoy your day!