20 March 2010

Sewing with Playdoh

Our last day at Uncle Joel and Aunt Kates we got snowed in! We made playdoh cookies and Ava even got a lesson in sewing. What a good Aunt she has. Her mommy hasn't even done that yet!

19 March 2010

Story time in Blake's room

We decided to hang out in Blake's room for story time tonight. Maddox read us our story and Ava entertained her cousin. The story got long and Maddox wasn't very amused with the lack of attention from his siblings, but we made it through!

Cartoons with Blake

18 March 2010

Day at the Park 2

Another beautiful day at the park. The kids were having so much fun being outside. Mommy even got in on some of the action. I think I tuckered them on a few occasions. That's amazing!

17 March 2010

Spring Break in KC

I decided to pack the kids up and head to my brother's house in KC. It was so nice to get out of the house for a change and see some fresh faces. The kids had a lot of fun with their cousin, Blake (who is getting so big!). I had so much fun talking to adults-during the day, even! The weather was awesome so our first day there, we headed to the park.

15 March 2010