23 July 2009


I took my first-born, on our first-ever school shopping trip, in anticipation for his first day of school (which is in 3 weeks!!!).

First stop was Target.

Then we headed to Red Robin for lunch.

With some other stops in between, we ended at McDonald's for an ice cream cone and a little play. (I try not to be really grossed out by those places, by the way.)

I was a little worried in the beginning. We dropped the other two off at Grandma's house and Maddox wanted to stay. He said he gets to be with me all the time, but only gets to see Grandma sometimes. I tried to tell him this would be different and somehow, he was finally convinced.

Well, when we were sitting at McDonald's having our ice cream cones, he looks over at me and says, "Mom, I had fun with you today. This is better than Grandma's house."

Yup, that made my day. (Sorry Grandma, but seriously, this NEVER happens!)

22 July 2009

birthday zoo trip

We took a trip to the zoo this morning. Ava wanted to go on Monday, but the weather didn't cooperate, so we went today instead. We also didn't take the stroller so we could ride the tram. The kids have been asking to do this ever since we got kicked off for having our big stroller on there one time (explain that to my crying 2-year-old mister tram man!). Anyway, that was a different day. We road the tram, went to the jungle, took our traditional penguin picture, and went home when we got too hot. Daddy met us for lunch when we got home, so we ate on the front porch. The weather has been unusually cool around here lately, so we've been taking advantage of that. You have to, it's Kansas!

riding the tram...yeah, it was tight. this was the best I could do!

I never get tired of this sight. They always hunch down together at the penguins. I suppose one day they won't do it anymore.

Ava wanted her picture taken by the 'pad thingies'.

Oh, and look down. I just added posts of the bunk beds, VBS night, and Ava's birthday. Enjoy!

21 July 2009

the cake

So, Ava wanted a sally and pony cake. Wasn't sure how that was going to work. I got online and showed her a bunch of pictures of pony cakes. She didn't want a pony-shaped cake, just one with ponies on it. I had the idea to put a rainbow on it, then I remembered seeing this. The cake part was a surprise, so when I cut into the cake, EVERYONE was surprised. That was fun!

Rainbows and ponies

It was Ava's 4th birthday today. Hard to believe. She was quite content being the center of attention, too.

We had tacos outside, accompanied by Kansas wind.

Inside for cake.

Ava got to open one present before her party. Her party outfit!

Look at Kade's face.

20 July 2009


After countless layers of paint, the bunk beds are finally finished!

This is the best I could do with a picture. Their room is too small!

18 July 2009


We had a visitor this weekend.
He's known for chewing...EVERYTHING. So, I was a little hesitant...wondering what we'd have to replace. Other than barking a lot in the beginning, he did pretty well. I think Bella enjoyed the company.

I know it's blurry, but it's still pretty. I have Zinias all over in my garden this year. Love their vibrant colors.

I thought this looked like Monet...

17 July 2009

VBS Night

The kids took their dad to their VBS program tonight. Kade was sick, so he and I didn't get to go. I don't think we'll be going to VBS tomorrow either...

16 July 2009


It's VBS week here and it's been going well. The kids have been fun, my helpers have been crazy, but fun, and things have been running smoothly, for the most part. Only one more day to go!

Everyday after VBS I get home, feed the kids and put them to bed. Then I get to work on these...Let's just say, I am ready to put the paint away...unfortunately this isn't my last painting project. Ugghh!

12 July 2009

Three Fish

It was our Sunday to head over to Brent's parent's house for pizza. After I spent the afternoon setting up for this week's VBS, we went over early to play in the pool. Maddox has graduated to a bigger life jacket, so Kade has his old one. And with that change, Kade thought it was time for him to start swimming on his own. He made his way around the pool many times, swimming from person to person. He was quite proud of his accomplishments. We got Maddox to take off his life jacket and practice swimming without it. He has done this before at the water park, as you aren't aloud to wear life jackets, and he's gotten pretty good at it.