30 September 2011


Uncle Joel and Aunt Kate came to visit so they could watch the kiddos play soccer. Of course Ava didn't feel well. She did end up playing in the second half. 

06 September 2011

Last First Day of Preschool

This is the last first day of preschool I will ever experience. I can't believe my baby is in preschool. My sweet little boy is going to be leaving his mama next year. Okay, I'm having a pity party. I'll be done now.

Mr. Kade is starting preschool today. What a big boy. He is so excited to go to school like his brother and sister. Finally it is his turn! We headed out the front door for a little picture taking before we left for school.

oh wait, I found something...

a stick!

wait, take one where I am looking stern and intimidating.

ok. I'm ready to go now.