21 January 2013

KPTS Taping

 Maddox's taping of his winning story was today. I had to get all the kids out of school because it was at 2pm. We headed straight there. He was pretty nervous. In fact, he's been nervous ever since he was awarded his prize. The idea of being on tv is exciting, but a little scary too!

posing with big bird

His friend Ben was there waiting as well. He won 3rd place!

getting instructions for his practice run-through.

watching himself on tv!

He did such a great job. The sound-booth guy called him a "one-take wonder". He read through his story perfectly, the first time. He was so composed. He definitely does not get this from me!

 pointing to the picture of his story on the wall of winners.

we went out for ice cream to celebrate

and Barnes & Noble. He got to pick out a new book.

decisions, decisions...

I am so proud of this boy. He worked really hard on this story. He worked really hard at preparing for his performance. We cannot wait to see it. I will let you know when it airs!