05 April 2010

My boys

It was a beautiful evening and the boys were playing football. Some of these pictures just give me the goose bumps. How sweet are these boys together?


We played some soccer before we moved onto football.

This next sequence is hilarious. Kade is such a character.

A boy and his dog.

...and then she peed her pants...

04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

We missed you Carissa.

The Sweigart Grandkids

Silly Faces!

Egg Hunt

Apparently Easter egg hunts in the Sweigart family are hard core. Look at the abuse my children endure from their uncle mitch. Always trying to get ahead-even at the expense of 4 and 6 year olds!

They are in it to win it!

Kade at some point lost his clothes. Maybe that's what he needed in his easter basket!


Brent's parents got some baby chicks for easter. They were already several days old when they got them, so they weren't as small and cute as they could have been, but still fun for the kids, and still cute.