27 February 2010

A Good Daddy

Not only did he take them to the park today, but he took pictures too!

24 February 2010

Mad About Sewing

I opened an etsy shop.

Yup. I took the plunge. And I have butterflies in my stomach! I posted my first items today. My first dress to sell. I am in the process of creating a new design as well, which I hopefully will post by the end of the week. I'm a bit nervous about it. But I'm having a blast creating dresses and hopefully people will buy them.

So, if you need a cute dress for your little girl, or you know someone that does, go check it out. I'll be posting new items in the next several weeks, so check back.

Wish me luck!!

09 February 2010

I have so many pictures to edit and they are coming, but for now, this is what you get. This is what we woke up to yesterday. Beautiful.

08 February 2010


If you get a chance, take a moment to think of sweet Cora today. Remember her mommy and daddy and say a little prayer for them.