26 December 2009


We had a white Christmas this year, and we had to get out and enjoy it.

25 December 2009

A few more

Baby Jesus, the play

We had the unexpected pleasure of watching a little play on Christmas.

Mary rode in on her donkey with her sheep following by her side.

Mary and Joseph comforting their new little one.

The sheep morphed into a donkey at one point. I think Mary was a little puzzled.

How Mary and Joseph loved one another.

We were serenaded by three wise men as well. I hope they didn't scare baby Jesus too much.

Santa Clause is coming to town

We headed over to Brent's parent's house for Christmas. Santa was there. He didn't quite make it on the roof this year-the blustery wind didn't permit.

24 December 2009

Christmas at home

We decided to do our family Christmas on Christmas Eve this year. We set aside the entire day to pretend like it was Christmas. We woke up, started a fire, ate cinnamon rolls and clementines, opened stockings, read and acted out the Christmas story, opened more presents, took naps, played, went to the Christmas Eve service, ate some yummy surf and turf (a tradition Brent started and will not let me give up!), played a little mario cart, kids to bed, and lots of relaxing. It was wonderful. One of our best Christmas's yet. Here is a little peek inside our day.

19 December 2009


Happy Birthday Maddox! What an amazing kid you are. We love you!