14 October 2010

Bye, bye tonsils

Kade's tonsils have been huge lately. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE! Like the size of marbles, if not bigger. His throat isn't that big. Put two marbles in there and there isn't much room left. Hence the reason we went to the hospital today. After steroid treatment and many restless nights (they were causing sleep apnea), the doctor decided the tonsils needed to go.

Oh how I wish we could have been prepared for the road ahead... Our sweet boy had no idea what was ahead of him. In his words, "the doctor was going to cut in my throat and I think that will make me sad."

We were able to go back and see him after about an hour and a half. It felt like forever after the doctor came and told us he was done. The nurses needed to wake him up and get his pain under control before we could go back. When we got there he was sleeping peacefully in his little bed, very groggy. The day went much smoother than expected. Once he woke up a little more he asked for some food. He wanted oatmeal and a muffin. Surprisingly enough, he scarfed down a large chocolate muffin and some brown-sugar oatmeal. Shocking. He whined from time to time of the pain, but for the most part it seemed his meds were controlling it well. In fact, they made him loopy most of the day. He was so cute. And his voice! Wow, I was amazed how different his voice was. It is so high now. He sounds like a different kid. I think it should go more back to normal once his throat heals, but for now it is funny.

We decided to head home at around 7pm. Once home, we ate some popsicles and settled down for the night. It should be an interesting night.

12 October 2010

"Nature Walk"

This is our little "nature walk" that is pretty much in our back yard. It isn't all the impressive, compared to all the places we visited this summer, but the kids love it anyway.