31 July 2011

Vollbracht Family Reunion

My Uncle Fred and Aunt Sarah had us all over for a big ol' family reunion of sorts, complete with a bouncy slide. Good times.

To the Garden...again

We were heathens and went to the Garden again this morning instead of going to church. This looks like church to me! What a beautiful day. A fun romp before the big festivities of the day.

30 July 2011

Family Gatherings

We had an impromptu family gathering at a picnic stop. 

stick buildings

Ava and Lindsey were so excited to be reunited again. These two were inseparable. Sweet Ava needs a girl in her family!

Kate and Kate

The kids got to pet some horses in the park. A fun surprise.

some of the cousin's kids

back at Grandma's

meeting german-born Josiah for the first time.

Henry was intrigued by Riley the dog.

He wasn't too impressed that mama was stopping his fun.

yummy dirt. I take after my cousin Kade.

Weekend in the Springs

We spent the first weekend of our vacation in the Springs with my extended family. It was fun getting all the little cousins together (minus my brother's family) and the big cousins together. We had a few missing, but all-in-all, there were a lot of us.

Our first morning/afternoon was spent at the Garden of the Gods. This is one of our favorite spots in Colorado. It isn't a complete trip to the Springs without a quick stop here. I can remember only one or two times we didn't stop here in all my years of visiting. A tradition, if you will.

I don't know these people. I was just trying to get a shot of the balancing rock!