31 October 2012

A Cat, A Viking, and Harry Potter.

 Halloween is always fun around here. The kids have a lot of fun trying to figure out what they want to dress up like, and I try to figure out how to accomplish it. I'm not a costume buyer. We make ours, and so far it has worked out. I probably bought the most stuff this year than I ever have, but still managed to make most everything. That's what Halloween is all about, right? I don't remember my parents ever buying me a costume. Anyway, we had a cat, a viking and Harry Potter this year.

We started out the day with the annual school parade. They changed it up a little by adding a little number in the gym. Hilarious. The kids danced to Thriller. It was great!

We had our small group over for a little trick-or-treating in the evening. It was a lovely evening. We had a little photo shoot before the guests arrived...

acting cat-like



really living the part...

now we're channelling.

goofy kids.

Fun times. I wonder what they will want to be next year...

30 October 2012


Meet Noah. He's our new nephew. He didn't want to wait until we got back from our trip. We got to meet him when we got home. Sweet boy. This makes it four new nephews for the year!

28 October 2012

Cityscapes & The Bean

We walked all over the city today. We got to see the bean. That thing is cool. I think I could have photographed it all day! It was a beautiful, sunny day, with a bit of a brisk wind!

The wind was strong today. 

We sat in on this church service. The church was beautiful.