28 June 2009

Drum roll, please

After many years, and some more recent sleepless nights (due to spiders), it is finally here! Our BED!!! Brent has worked so hard on this thing. He has been putting in some late nights in recent weeks, trying to get it finished. We have been sleeping on our king sized mattress on the floor for over a year and a half now. After getting bit by THE spider, I said, enough is enough, and Brent agreed.

The bed weighs a ton (at least) so it was quite a process to get it in our room (with the help of Brent's dad) and then assemble it (with a little of my help and Ava's!).

Ta da!!! The finished product.

23 June 2009

Boy, oh boy

Carissa, Steph(a good friend of Jessica's) and I threw a shower for Jessica and the baby boy inside her belly. We tried our hardest to make it a surprise. I won't mention who totally spilled the beans...Brent! But I will say we had to...let's just call it like it is...LIE a lot to keep it a surprise. And it worked! Amazingly enough. Jess, I guess you are just that gullible!

20 June 2009

Marshmallows are yummy

We had smore's twice in the last two weeks. It's funny how, on both occasions, they forgotten until the last night. But at least we remmebered!

A day of fish

Ava caught her very first fish! She was pretty proud of herself.

This was pretty much what we did with Kade all weekend. He always wanted to go in the water by himself, despite not knowing how to swim!

This big guy was a fish. He was in the water pretty much all day.

And I can't end the day's post without talking about this picture. The jet ski pooped out on us the last day. As if that wasn't bad enough, we needed to get it over to the loading dock which was a little ways away. This was the first attempt to get it there. Let's just say they maybe would have been back for the drive home tomorrow morning...Yeah, they didn't make it too far by the time someone felt sorry enough for them to stop and give them a lift.

Kissing Fish

Kade got such a kick out of the little sunnies everyone was catching. He couldn't get enough of them.

19 June 2009

Day on the Pontoon

Brent's parent's rented a pontoon for the day, a lake tradition. It was, again, a beautiful day.

18 June 2009

At the lake

We made it to the lake last night with now problems. Today was a beautiful day to swim and bask in the sun.