29 August 2009


Brent got lots of help on the deck today. First, Dave came over for a few hours. Later, Maddox came out to lend him a hand. They both did great!

23 August 2009

Went to see Uncle Ben get baptized in a lake today. That was pretty neat. I've never seen a baptism in at a lake before. Didn't take any pictures because I was taking pictures for Jessica. We went over to their house for dinner after the big event. Ava kept asking to hold her baby cousin and finally got to. Although she looks a little surprised that she's being photographed.

21 August 2009


for the bus. They are so funny to watch. Even if they aren't finished with lunch, Ava and Kade always have to run out with Maddox and wait on the porch for the bus.

These first few of Kade were before actually taken before lunch.

20 August 2009

Not entirely

The loves of my life (minus their daddy of course)

So, I finally got a picture today. I got the entire bus in it this time. Too bad Maddox is the size of an ant...and I had to stop snapping because I noticed he forgot his backpack. I'll give up for now.

19 August 2009

The Big Yellow Bus...sort of

Maddox was so excited to ride the bus yesterday. Mommy was a little nervous for Maddox to ride the school bus. We got all ready and waited on the front porch for the bus. Then, to Maddox's disappointment, a boring white van showed up!

The even funnier thing is when the driver lady said, "Okay mom, did you get your picture?"

"Um, oh, yeah." I didn't want to tell her it wasn't going to be much of a picture, him getting into a white van instead of a big yellow school bus. So, I snapped the picture anyway.

It was time to go wait at the bus stop for Maddox. I wanted to be there on the first day to great him (and to get a picture!). They told me that once he goes full days he will be picked up and dropped off at the bus stop instead of our front door. So, we got our walking shoes on and went for a stroll, camera in hand.

We waited.

Then I looked down the road and saw the big yellow school bus driving past, headed for our front door!

Ahhh, I'm missing it!!!
I can't get the picture!!!
He's going to freak out that we aren't home!!!

I grab Ava's hand and the stroller and we run home...literally. I'm sure we looked cute. I see Maddox coming back outside to see where we were, so I yell for him. He sees us and runs to us, happy as can be. Not a worry in the world.

Meanwhile, I'm still spazzing out that I didn't get a picture and wasn't there to great him.

He didn't care. He just had a blast riding the bus.

So, finally today was going to be the day. I was going to get my picture. Then the bus driver stopped me to talk to him and this was all I could get!

Another day.

On a completely different note...I made salsa today. Glad that's done, but now I have 14 pretty pints of yummy salsa. I love gardens and what you can get from them!

18 August 2009

Ridin' in style


I made a dress for Ava the other day. I got the inspiration from Kristen. She has made some adorable dresses for her little girls.

I happened to have some fabric on hand and so I ordered the pattern that day and made it! Now I'm hooked. I need to make a trip to the fabric store so I can make more! Now, if only I had some nieces to make these for too...

13 August 2009

Kindergarten, here I come!

Well, today is Maddox's first day of kindergarten. It's hard to believe this is where we're at. Seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. And now he is entering his school years...ahhhhh! I'm not going to lie. I've shed a few tears. But, it sure does make it a lot easier to send him off when I know how excited he is about it.

Classic Maddox

He was excited to see daddy when we got to school!

This one is a bit blurry, but it shows that big smile on his face!

his desk(or table section...I thought desk sounded better!)

We are anxious to hear all about his first day. I'm sure I'll have some stories to share!

10 August 2009

Let's go on an adventure

Aunt Carissa came home to meet baby Christian. We got to spend the day with her. The kids went on an adventure...a classic with Aunt Carissa.

09 August 2009


I discovered this when I downloaded my pictures...

Before we headed home, we stopped at some dinosaur restaurant. It was one of the themed eateries like Rainforest Cafe. It was not for Brent and I, but the kids had fun!


Today we played in the fountains across the street from our hotel. Maddox had the most fun. He ran around stomping on each spout. The other too were curious, but apprehensive. Daddy got in to help them out...then the fountains took off! Kade wasn't impressed.