29 June 2011

#8 on the bench is Maddox. We left soon after this, because he wasn't feeling well. I didn't know that at the time of the picture.

If you want Uncle Mitch to come to your game, you play baseball...:)

23 June 2011


Maddox played baseball this summer or the first time. Now, I believe I have already said sometime, that my son would never play baseball. I really have a bad taste in my mouth for this sport. How boring can a sport get? Really. But there is something to say for whatever sport your child is in. You will like it whether you want to or not!

We did pick quite a summer to start this sport. I think we averaged a 103 temp for about every game. Yeah, that was fun to sit and watch. Actually, it was miserable, but I was just impressed these kids still wanted to play! They all did so good at staying hydrated and getting after it. You can tell a kid likes something when it is 103 and they still want to do it!

As for next summer, we'll see. I'm sure you will see us parked beside the baseball field if Maddox says the word, dreaded or not!

22 June 2011

They Left Us

Before everyone left, they decided to stay and watch Maddox's baseball game. We headed to the park before the game to release a little energy. Then we all cheered on Maddox. I think he enjoyed the extra fans and Ava and Kade enjoyed the extra company!

We had so much fun with the cousins and siblings. It was fun to have us all under the same roof for a bit. I only wish it could have lasted a little longer. A little birdie told me that this trip made someone actually like Kansas. I'm thinking they should like it enough to move!!! A girl can dream.

Group Pics


 Today we had fun in the sun with all the cousins. So fun to have us all together. It was a blast watching the kiddos play together. Wish it could have lasted longer.