31 March 2011

Best Buds

We took Kade and Christian to the park today. It was fun to watch Kade as the "big" kid for once. Christian likes to follow his big cousin. They are the best of friends.

29 March 2011

Ode to Spring

I need Spring like a child needs a blanket.
I long for Spring.
I long for the sun to warm my cheeks.
I long to wake up without feeling aches in every inch of my body.
I long to not be in a constant state of blah.
I long for evening family walks, bicycles littering the lawn, flip-flops lining the wall.
I long for green poking out of our garden soil.
I long for a good, sweaty jog.
I long to be motivated for longer than 30 minute increments.
I long for vitamin D.
I long for Spring.

please tell me you do too...that it isn't just me...that these winter blues soon will pass...

26 March 2011

The Science Museum

Today was our big Science Museum day. It was a full day, packed with lots to do. The kids had so much fun. We, of course, can't do much without a little drama. Kade got clotheslined by a large metal railing. It was very scary for a bit, but he ended up with little to show for it (a cut lip and a loose tooth). After some tylenol and a short nap in mama's arms, he was ready to get back to playing.

We were all tuckered out after our adventures at the museum, but what a fun day it was!


25 March 2011

Oklahoma City Bound

We headed to Oklahoma City for a little Spring Break Getaway. We came to swim, museum, and relax.

21 March 2011


We got to go the zoo this week too, and we took Grandma Sweigart with us. It was a bit of a dreary day, but we had fun anyway. Well, Maddox didn't look like he was having fun in this first one...or three...the classic penguin shot. I still haven't gotten around to collecting all of the penguin shots I've taken in the past years. That would be an interesting post if I ever get around to it!

Yup, you have a wiggly tooth, Maddox!