19 August 2010

2 Babes in School

Another year. Another kid in school.

I didn't want to let go of my little girl this morning. I fought back the tears and didn't cry, but I could have. easily. My babies are getting so big. They are growing up too fast. How does this happen? Why? I don't want them to grow up. My heart can't take the change. But it's going to have to. I gotta suck it up. Because it's only going to get harder.

I can't wait to hear about their 1st day of school. Big day!

04 August 2010

A Date With Maddox

Maddox and I had our day out today. I love being able to spend individual time with each of the kids. This kid is a nut and he is so much fun to hang out with. It's hard to believe he is going to be a big 1st grader soon...