22 August 2011


It was a big day for Kansas Electric. They broke ground on their new building site. Exciting stuff. 

18 August 2011


We've been learning how to ride a bike around here. We've had some skinned knees and elbows, a few tears, but we're still trying. In fact, tonight, Ava did it! She brushed away the tears, got back on that bike, and took off. I was so proud of her determination. She is quite a girl.

listening intently to daddy's instruction

Mr. Kade didn't make it much past this time. Another time. Maybe it's the barbie elbow pads...

She did it! She was so proud of herself. It was so cute. As you can see on her face, while riding, she was determined to get it! That's my girlie. She is a tough one.

12 August 2011

Carissa's Gettin' Hitched

Jessica and I hosted a little bridal shower for Carissa while she was in town. There wasn't too much that went on, just yummy foot, presents, and a toilet paper wedding dress, of course!

08 August 2011

Birthday Boy

Christian turns 2! Happy Birthday to our closest nephew!

I think Kade liked Christian's new toy!

the big birthday boy and his dump truck cake

he dug in and didn't want to stop!

06 August 2011

Eleven Mile

We hiked and drove around Eleven Mile Canyon today. It was really beautiful. Brent led us to some crazy places, but I suppose we survived.