01 June 2013

A Quick Trip to KC & The Lumineers!

We headed to KC this morning to hang with Joel and Kate and the cousins and also so that Brent and I could go to a Lumineers Concert. The kitties made the trip since they can't really take care of themselves yet. It was so fun to share them with our cousins. The boys all loved them. 

We also wanted to celebrate Blake's birthday with him. He turned 4 last week. Craziness. He liked his present that Maddox picked out for him.

Ava loves to be a momma to her nephews. 

The Mogley's

Cold War Kids

The Lumineers

They left the stage and played a few songs in the middle of the audience. 

After the concert we stopped at Old Chicago for a late-night snack. We ended up being at the concert from 4:30 or so until midnight. I can't say we were prepared to not eat for that long. We were starving and these nachos were soooo good! This was my second favorite concert. Jack will forever be my favorite, but these guys were fantastic. And of course, always fun to share it with my love. Thanks Joel and Kate for making it possible! It was a night to remember, for sure.

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Beck said...

We saw these guys last year...as a matter of fact, they opened up for Old Crow. Looks like you might be living in the wrong state :)